All parents/guardians are required to fill out an I-9 form on behalf of their minor child as part of their child’s voucher in order to receive payment for background work. The I-9 is required by the US Federal Government to verify employment authorization as well as identity for every new employee.


All minors must bring valid, unexpired ID to verify their I-9. Your child cannot work without presenting identification. 


Identification examples for minors:


LIST A (provides both work authorization and verifies identity) - an unexpired US Passport or US Passport Card, Permanent Resident Card, or an unrestricted Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph




LIST B (verifies identity only) - a school ID card with photo, a medical record, school record or report card




LIST C (verifies work authorization) - an unrestricted U.S. Social Security Card or US-issued birth certificate


If your child has any one of the options under LIST A, that is all you need to bring. If her or she doesn’t have a LIST A document, you must bring BOTH one LIST B and one LIST C document. Please note, a valid LIST B document can verify identity, but a valid LIST C document is needed to verify employment authorization. The LIST A documents noted above can verify both.


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